Monday, February 6, 2012

Exciting News: The Harness Shop Online Carrying New Brands!

The Harness Shop Online owner, Paul Nazzarett, recently returned from the AETA (The American Equestrian Trade Association) Trade Show. Not only did he come back from the trade show in Philadelphia, but he came back to deliver some exciting news to The Harness Shop and all of its customers.
The Harness Shop Online is excited to announce that we will be carrying Airiat, Devon-Aire, Troxel, Ovation, Heritage Gloves and Kerrits. Get the latest products these brands offer, plus browse our additional offerings on our website
Ariat offers the latest equestrian footwear. Stay up-to-date and stylish with trends and classic boots. Currently on their website, they are advertising "Call of the Wild" styles with lots of animal prints to boot.
Devon-Aire offers head to toe clothing options. Their latest riding apparel includes water repellent pants, stretch show coats and Xwear hipsters.
Troxel manufactures riding helmets, keeping all horse lovers safe and healthy. Their spring line includes six new colors that radiate the buds on trees and the fragrance of rain. Their helmets blend both aesthetic and comfort. 
Ovation offers leather that keeps you and your horse comfortable. The English equestrian supply center offers saddles, chaps, bridlework, jodphurs, saddle pads, clothing, and stable equipment, to name a few.
Heritage Gloves are the ideal performance riding gloves.  Products include various colors, prints and styles. 
Kerrits offers riding accessories, technical riding shirts, equestrian vests and jackets, and fullseat styles. 
Make sure you order the latest trends and supplies off of The Harness Shop Online's website.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Keeping Your Companion Warm: Horse Blankets

Winter- the time for blustery, bitter cold and snowy weather. The time of year when all you want to do on a bone chilling day is curl up under a blanket by your fireplace, sip some warming beverage, either alcoholic or non, and read a good book. I'm pretty sure all other creatures on the planet feel the same way, except polar bears and penguins, etc., but pretty much every other animal in the world wants to escape the arctic chill and what better way than by using a blanket.
The Harness Shop Online offers a myriad of versatile blankets and sheets to keep your horse comfortable now and throughout the entire year.
What The Harness Shop Online offers:

Winter Blankets and Hoods: The Harness Shop Online offers various winter blankets and hoods to keep your champion warm and regal during the harsh winter months. Blankets start at $69.95. Pictured is the Jacks Buckeye Winter Blanket priced at $89.95. The plaid pattern is stylish for the winter months.

Anti-Sweat Sheets: This is a must have for any horse owner. For those of you in the balmy sections of the world, you're going to need this. For the rest of us in the chilly portions, especially Buffalo, NY, you're going to need this eventually, quite possibly in July (just kidding), but you'll need this soon enough. Always be prepared. Stock up on this item. Prices start at $51.60. Pictured here is the Finn Tack fleece blanket with mesh lining anti-sweat sheet for $51.60.

Fly Sheets: Get rid of those pesky flies with fly sheets. Humans can't stands those ridiculously annoying flies swarming down on their picnics, just like horses can't stand the flies invading their eyes, and landing on their entire body. Protect your horse from both the flies and the UV rays of the sun with a fly sheet. Fly sheets start at $39.15. Pictures above is the Cool Mesh Fly Sheet USA for $47.25.

Stable Sheets and Hoods: Just like every fashionista, your horse should be fashionable and up-to-date on the latest trends. Stable sheets help the horse both look and feel cool. They are priced on The Harness Shop Online starting at $32.95. Pictured is the Bengal Stable Sheet starting at $75.95.

Turnout Blankets: Turnout blankets help to keep your horse nice and toasty during the winter months and when the autumn chill occurs. Our blankets start at $79.95. The above blue turnout blanket is the Tough-1 Polar 1680D Waterproof Poly Turnout Blanket for $149.95. It's a great color too!

Rain Sheets: Rain sheets help repel the rain from your horse. Plus, the hoods for the horse are so cute. A rain sheet is like a poncho for a horse. Pictured is the Avalon Hood for $48.

The Harness Shop Online offers so many options to dress your horse. Check us out.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Reduce Inflamation with the Neoprene Ice Boot

The Harness Shop Online offers  Neoprene Ice Boots to reduce your horses leg inflammation.

The cold therapy assists the healing of performance horses. The neoprene material works two ways. The material helps to insulate the leg and helps to cool the leg.

The elastic pockets in the boots help to cradle the crushed ice and serve as maximum cooling for the horse.

Cooling your horse's leg helps reduce inflammation, as heat will continue to swell the leg.

The boots are $85.

Another product The Harness Shop Online would like to highlight is TRM Staysound, a brand new product on the Web site.

TRM Staysound, an internationally acclaimed product, is a cold clay that ices, soothes and tightens hot and tired horse legs. The product contains thyme oil and was created especially for the horse to experience a longer cooling sensation.

This product is perfect for a race horse as TRM Staysound can be applied until the day of the race. The ointment can be used for long periods of time, and as necessary.

In addition, when TRM Staysound if applied, the area where it was applied does not need to be wrapped, or bandaged and can easily be washed off of the horse.

This is the perfect addition to your arsenal of liniments and to help maintain trouble-free legs.

TRM Staysound is $15.95.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The founding of The Harness Shop Online

Paul Nazzarett always had a love of horses. In the 1990s, He decided to productively channel his hobby into an enjoyable work endeavor. For the next five years, Nazzarett worked at various tack supply shops and in the equine industry.
In 2008, Nazzarett decided to branch out in his own endeavor and created The Harness Shop Online. For the past three years, The Harness Shop Online has only been a website store. Soon, The Harness Shop Online will also have a store front located at 2445 William Street in Cheektowaga, New York.
The Harness Shop Online is located in a centralized location outside of Buffalo, New York. The physical shop is located just off I-90's William Street exit, five minutes from the Walden Galleria.
The Harness Shop Online offers drivers and riders needs, English accessories and clothing, jewelry, gift certificates, halters and leads, hoof and leg protection, horse clothing, horse blankets, leg and hoof care, show harnesses, stall and stable supplies, standardbred supplies, sulkies and jog carts, parts and wheels, supplements, therapy equipment and thoroughbred supplies.
The Harness Shop Online truly has all of your horse care needs.
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