Monday, January 23, 2012

Reduce Inflamation with the Neoprene Ice Boot

The Harness Shop Online offers  Neoprene Ice Boots to reduce your horses leg inflammation.

The cold therapy assists the healing of performance horses. The neoprene material works two ways. The material helps to insulate the leg and helps to cool the leg.

The elastic pockets in the boots help to cradle the crushed ice and serve as maximum cooling for the horse.

Cooling your horse's leg helps reduce inflammation, as heat will continue to swell the leg.

The boots are $85.

Another product The Harness Shop Online would like to highlight is TRM Staysound, a brand new product on the Web site.

TRM Staysound, an internationally acclaimed product, is a cold clay that ices, soothes and tightens hot and tired horse legs. The product contains thyme oil and was created especially for the horse to experience a longer cooling sensation.

This product is perfect for a race horse as TRM Staysound can be applied until the day of the race. The ointment can be used for long periods of time, and as necessary.

In addition, when TRM Staysound if applied, the area where it was applied does not need to be wrapped, or bandaged and can easily be washed off of the horse.

This is the perfect addition to your arsenal of liniments and to help maintain trouble-free legs.

TRM Staysound is $15.95.

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